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Monday, September 19, 2011

Make it Count

Not too long ago I was out in my back yard with my family trying out a new camera when my neighbor came over and asked if I could take just a couple quick pictures of her daughter and her friends. I of course said "no problem," looking for any excuse to exercise the new toy. I don't believe that she even had a working camera, and it was her daughter's 16th birthday party, so I took a few minutes and got some nice shots of the girls and her and her daughter. At the time, I was thinking that if I showed them some good pictures, that these girls would remember me when it came time for senior portraits. A couple weeks ago I saw them on their front porch having a pretty good size yard sale. They have yard sales occasionally, so I paid it no mind. Then without me even noticing, the house went quiet. Talking with another neighbor yesterday, I found out that she has been moved into a nursing home fighting a life threatening disease, and her daughter has had to move in with family a state away. Suddenly those quick shots in the back yard take on new meaning.

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